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Gathered together on the Banks of the qiantang river Discussed library development together Zhejiang university guanghua law school libraries and library of east China university of political scien

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The chief librarian He Xiaoyong, sublibrarian Wu Zhihong, librarians Guo Haixia, Hu Jinying and Gui Min, associate professor Li JingLi Hang from East China University of Political Science and Law came to the Zhijiang campus of Zhejiang University, which located in the banks of Qiantang River, having an exchange and visit in Zhejiang University law school library, March 16, 2017. The vice-president Zhao Jun, the chief librarian He Lingqiao, librarians Li Xue and Guo Pei of Zhejiang University Guanghua law school participated in the exchange meeting.

As the organizer of the third Chinese and American Forum on Legal Information and Law Libraries, East China University of Political Science and Law has a wealth of experience in holding CAFLL. In the exchanging meeting, the two sides exchanged some details in depth and had a further discussion of the problems that may arise on the forum .                                                                                                                     


He Xiaoyong, Zhao Jun, Wu Zhihong, He Lingqiao and other teachers brainstormed by using their own professional knowledge and experience on the construction of Chinese and foreign legal literature center which was recently established by the East China University of Political Science and Law. Zhao Jun provided suggestions for two aspects: the recent and long-term direction, focusing on the subject, entry point, talent, form, precise service. Zhao also pointed out that the construction of the literature center should be bring forward a scheme by the consensus of like-minded people from top to bottom also should be putting forward concretely reference plan by the ones who have successful experience from bottom to top. The chief librarian He Lingqiao pointed out that the characteristics of the construction should be cut from the point, cannot be fully under way, the center of the document (service object), portal (website), and the main division of labor has to be refined and so on. According to the recommendations of the curator He Xiaoyong, we initially determined to have small-scale discussion during the Sino-American meeting. The communication of us not only improved the program of the fifth CAFLL, but also indirectly pointed out the key of the future development of the law library and acting point because of the suggestions we offered for the Chinese and foreign legal literature center.

After the meeting, the chief librarian He Lingqiao led the teachers from East China University of Political Science and Law to visit our schools Foreign Language Library, Chinese Library and Group Study Rooms. All the teachers had more in-depth communication and discussion in the style of library, hardware equipment, special services, management mode and other aspects of library construction.


                                             March 20,2017    Zhejiang University Guanghua Law School Library