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Conference Theme:  Reimaging Law Libraries C Collaboration, Sharing, and Win-Win


1. Libraries as Knowledge Management Centers and Creators of Knowledge

         Active Role of Law Libraries as Knowledge Centers in Their Communities

         Promoting and Applying New Technologies to Provide Legal Information Services

         Law Libraries and Librarians as Knowledge Creators


2. User Services: Building Relationships and Making Connections

         Innovating User-centered Services and Partnerships in Law Libraries and Beyond

         Law Libraries and University Library Systems: New Concepts of Collaboration, Co-ordination and Cooperation

         Partnering with Information Technology Vendors and Service Providers: New Concepts and Models

         Collaborative Initiatives Among Law Libraries: Research and Programs


3. Open Access Initiatives for Legal Information

         Building and Acquiring Special Information Resources

         The Current State of Open Access Initiatives for Legal Information and their Future Prospects

         Integrating and Utilizing Digital and Media Resources


4. Education, Scholarship and Law Libraries 

         Teaching Legal Information Literacy and Trends 

         Law Librarians and Legal Scholarship 

         Law Library Service in the Internet age 

         Legal Information Service for Government Consultations 


5. Library Space in a Sharing Environment 

         Design of Virtual Law Libraries 

         Renovation and Space Design of Physical Law Library Space 


6. Changes, Challenges, and the Future

                         Professionalism and Qualifications of Law Librarians

                        Industry Competitiveness of Law Libraries

                        Continuing Education of Law Librarians

                        Role of Law Library Organizations and Alliances