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  • Library space use:past, present and future
    Wen-bin CAI, male, born in November 1968, graduated from the School of Public Affairs Zhejiang University, Master of Management, associate research librarian, the director of social science branch libraries of Zhejiang University .His research direction: library management, discipline service, has already published more than 20 articles in the periodicals such as "Journal of the China Society for Scientific and Technical Information" "Journal of Academic Libraries".
  • Law Information services of Public Libraries°™°™Taking ZheJiang Library as an Example
    The Chief Librarian of ZheJiang Library, Associate Research Librarian, Director of ZheJiang Province Society for Library Science, Executive Director of Library Society of China, Executive Director of Ancient Books Preservation and Conservation Association of China, Member of National Committee for library Standardization.
  • Promoting the Transformation of Legal Information Service through the Concept of Interconnection and Sharing
    Ms. LIN Yanping is aProfessor and PhD supervisor atthe East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL). Sheholds the post of the Vice President of ECUPL, as well as Director of Institute of BRICS Legal Studies, Director of Institute for Belt and Road Initiative and Legal Diplomacy Studies, Director of Center for Proof of Foreign Law, and Director of Center for EU Legal Studies. Prof. LIN also serves as the Vice Director of the China Society of Indexers, Vice President of the EU Legal Studies Association of the Chinese Association for European Studies, Vice President of the China Societyof Private International Law, President of the EU Legal Studies Association of Shanghai Law Society, Arbitrator of the China International Arbitration Centre, and Arbitrator of the Shanghai Arbitration Commission. Her research is focused on Private International Law, International Competition Law, and Comparative Law. She had presided over and undertaken several research projects, such as the National Social Science Fund Project, projects of the Ministry of Justice, projects of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, provincial philosophy and social scientific research projects, etc. In addition, she has publishedmore than 10 legal textbooks and academic works by the Law Press, the Peking University Press. Shehas also published more than 60 academic articles in Legal Science, Political Science and Law, Law and Social Development and other core journals.
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