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Studies on the Mechanism in University Libraries Co-construction and Sharing —— Taking Zhejiang University Law School Library as an example

Editor:admin Author:Lingqiao He Date:2017-04-01 Hits:664


Executive Librarian of Zhejiang University Guanghua Faculty of Law Library, Chief Librarian of Zhejiang University Law Library, Diploma in Library and Laws Studies, Master of Laws, Research Librarian, Main research field: Library Classification Structure, Research & Retrieval of Information and Documents, Management of Library. 10 more published paper. Used to be a member of Social Science Fund project at Country level .

In China, it is very common that universities have a complex interconnection of relationships between law libraries and school libraries. They have connections and cooperation, but to some extent they are independent of each other.

We are all committed to providing the resources and services efficiently to students and faculties. We are all aiming at documents retrieval enhancement and resources construction. However, the relative independency of resources allocation is a significant factor that has developed different mechanisms of the School Library and Law library. Due to this reason, issues and conflicts have been accumulated among the entities.

Therefore, how can we achieve to come up with an optimal solution for both parties firstly to ensure the resources demands from students and faculties are being satisfied and secondly to improve the service mode? Developing co-construction and sharing is a feasible and beneficial idea.

Starting from 2010, Zhejiang University Law Library has been following the principle of co-constructing and sharing. This principle has been proved as a win-win solution to all the parties.  Students’ and faculties’ satisfaction about the library has significantly increased during the past few years. However, some side effects also come up along time during the collaboration. The problems caused by current mechanisms have inevitably affected the library growth.

Under the current circumstances, with the development of university system of organization and digital platform, how can the Law Library and the School Library exploit their advantages and at the same time, reduce the adverse factors in the process of co-construction and sharing? This article expounds some views and suggestions from different angles on various mechanisms: the library service, document retrieval and resources construction as well as library management.